DC Units

Daily Commission Units
Trideci gives you the opportunity to earn from surfing the web which in internet terms is called PTC (paid to click) & here it is available in shape of DC Units.

We have 3 type of DC Units, You can just buy a DC Units in Trideci and start earning daily passive income however if you take part in Residual Matrix your DC Unit per day yield would increase

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The simplest way to earn daily from TriDeci is to purchase daily commission units.  The cost is $10 ~ $100 and will pay 200% TO 300% in 60 days Elite Members and in 100 days for Standard Members (thus doubling your money). 

Obviously the more DC units you buy, the more money you can double.

DC Units are especially great for people who can’t or don’t want to refer others. 

But those who want to refer others into Trideci & take position in Residual Matrix also get extra benefit (Bonus).